Individual Assignment 1

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Every quarter in Digital Video class, students are expected to turn in at least one individual assignment. This quarter, they could choose to produce a music video, or a documentary.

Check out some of the results!


  1. What I saw in these individual assignments, is that there were many different shots, such as Felipe's documentary, others had more innovative ideas, like Isabel's music video, each one had a concept which it was really good at, but what I saw in common in all videos, was the idea of the camera angles, I saw the rule of thirds being well applied. The music videos showed different images, but what could have been better, is to have a song with lyrics and kind of act out the lyrics of the song, the meaning behind it, there were some music videos with a story, but the song had no lyrics, so it becomes a little confusing. The documentaries all contained a lot of information, and some documentaries had many different angle shots. Some documentaries also incorporated pictures, so there was more visualization in the process. Overall what was the best about the individual assignments, was about exploring the different camera angles and shots which made the work become of much better quality.

  2. Our class was assigned to make a music video or documentary, and from there, we had to use our imagination to come up with a solution.

    Based on all of these videos, I can see that we all came with different finalized projects. The reason behind my statement is that everyone had a unique type "story" behind their video. An example is comparing Felipe's with Diego's. Felipe's was more towards a newscast, while Diego's was more about tourism. This shows the difference between them because tourism and newscasts are totally different, showing that every project had their unique aspect because even if we all had to make a music video or documentary, the results of all videos were based on different plans, making them all to be creative.

    Still, this project was really fun to accomplish as we had the freedom to choose what shots to take, and more.


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