Video Inspiration: Zach King

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How creative can you be?

Check this video compilation of Zach's work. What you think? Any ideas for your next movie? :)

Check him out at or

Comedy and Silent!

The especial Digital Video I and II class had explored the comedy genre in their first movie exercise.

While some students in class are just acquiring camera techniques and post production skills, other students are very familiar with those and are able to share and model best practices and tricks.

Check their productions... funny or ironic? :)

Digital Video I and Acting for the Camera Fist Movies

Check out the first productions from the Digital Video I class in collaboration with Acting for the Camera.

We are studying the silent era, and students were encouraged to try their first camera techniques and post productions skills, creating a short silent movie. Hope you enjoy!

What represents you?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Computer Graphics students are just starting on a series of self portrait designs. While learning Photoshop, its tools and some specific skills, students will be encouraged to explore themselves, their world, and share their values through graphic designs.

How is that looking so far? :)

Silent Movie Goals

Now that you had a hands-on experience with silent movies, what is your target?

In your personal blog, create a post where you address the questions below. The idea is that you think about your performance before you set yourself goals for your next project:

1- With the help of your group, you brainstormed a story for your silent movie. Thinking back about the process, what were your expectations? How did you think the movie was going to turn out?

2- The videos were presented in class, and you had a chance to see what the other groups created. What were your impressions? What did you realize about your movie, and what called your attention about the other movies?

3- You will soon start the plan for the Unit Project. Think about 2 attainable and mesurable goals that will be your target on the next project. It can be related to skills or techniques, team work, participation, etc.

I'm looking forward to your next movie ;)

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