Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics is a semester-long class where students are introduced to image manipulation and design techniques. The class has the layout of a game, with levels and challenges to be completed, and special rewards. This format allows self pacing, more independency, and constant revisits of previous work by the student. As we advance levels in class, students are introduced to new tools, techniques and design principles that will support their performance on future levels. 
Attempting to make student’s experiences as authentic as possible in this class, students will be constantly encouraged to contribute to the community and express themselves through the challenges of each level.
The skills and content covered in this class aim to engage students on different ways of expressing ideas, and practice communicating with a varied audience.
Students work with the software Adobe Photoshop to create their designs, and explore other applications to present and pitch their designs. At the end of the semester students are expected to know and apply Photoshop’s basic tools to independently manipulate images or create original designs; follow beginner to intermediate level tutorials of their choice and interest; understand basic design principles and strategies, and consciously choose to apply them, or not, in their designs; communicate, and support their choices as a learner.


Unit 2

Final Project


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