Digital Video

Digital Video is an introductory class to film studies and video production in middle school. This semester-long class gives students the opportunity to explore the graphic environment of Mac computers and the iLife applications to edit, enhance and share their videos.
Students are introduced to basic techniques to manipulate film equipment, plan and shoot short movies, develop narrative and act on their productions.
Digital Video is a hands-on, collaborative class. As in real film productions, all the work is done with the support of a team, where each student is expected to have a role and act according to it. Student interaction, collaboration, creativity, communication and problem-solving skills are ground values in this class.

Assignments/ Documents

Individual Documentary - Summative
Individual Music Video - Summative
The Globe Cinema

Support Material

History of movies

Story Structure

Getting Started

Creating a Documentary

The Psychology of Scary Movies

The Psychology of Scary Movies from on Vimeo.

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