First DV1 assignment

Monday, February 9, 2015

To get the class started on the basic film techniques and post production skills, the class had to work in groups to create a silent movie. check out the results!


  1. I think all the movies were very good. The camera angles were good and everybody followed the rules of the camera movement. My role in my group was camera and everybody in the group cooperated and played their role. I think I went well in my role getting interesting camera angles. My goal was to make the audience understand the movie without text and voice, just acting. My goal for the future is for the group to accept different ideas and try out new things.

  2. I thought that all the videos were very interesting, entertaining, and funny, with great stories and resolutions. Also, these movies were good to see since all of them were differentiated. In my group, we were all focused and worked collaboratively for a good, short film. I think that we were really good on being communicators. I think that the director made quality work on explaining on what we needed to do, the actor made great facial expressions (since they were silent movies), the post production was past my individual expectations, and I think I did a good job on most of the parts on the angles. My goal, for next time, is to have better camera angles (and pay attention to the rule of thirds) when controlling the camera in a movie. After all, this project was an amazing experience!

  3. To begin with, I would like to say that each one of these videos were very entertaining to say the least. My video, the last one (black and white), went well. But the other two went extremely well too. Specifically the Hacker was very funny. Although many parts of their movie wasn't very serious, the last scene was very funny. Also, the story was clear and it exhibited what it was meant too. And another one, BOTTLE I believe it was called, had a very strong story, one which seems simple at first but was became very enjoyable with their excellent camera angles, good editing, and funny scenes.

    But now to talk about my video. First of all, I felt that my whole group contributed, and be communicated well both inside and outside of school. Although there were some editing problems in our film, the scenes and story, I thought, made up for the flaws. As the protagonist of the movie, my goal is to express emotion more, and maybe help a little more with other jobs. The editor did everything alone, at her home, on the last day. So really this is a matter of planning ahead. Also, I need to make my outfit a bit more realistic, and help the director a little for when to cut the scenes so they don' last too long. But overall we did very well, and delivered.

  4. I really liked the other 2 videos, especially the "Top Hat Robber." I liked the plot and the story but there were some unnecessery scenes. My group did a ood job. My role was to edit the movie and I think I did a good job in editing the scenes and mixing it with the movie. My future goals are to have a good documentary and music video. I really enjoyed doing this video.

  5. I think that the "The Top Hat Robber" silent short film was great, the angles were set in a really good direction and position of the camera was great. I think that something that they could improve was the time spent on each scene. They could probably reduce the amount of time in each scene to be a more straight forward movie. Even though, it was a fantastic silent film. About the next film "Bottle" I think it was very cheerful, the music and the scenes were great and they matched well. I really liked the angle they used to show the both characters in one scene.
    About my group:
    It was not the first time I work with a group do produce a short film, I think I did well on the character I needed to be. I was the secondary actor and I think that for my part I did well on it because I was fast at our filming and it didn't take many attemptives. I think something I could do better next time would be to not be just a secondary character but be a more important part like the primary actor or a director. I think that my group did well because they cooperated well and we did the work straight to the point.

  6. General Comment:
    Overall, I really enjoyed the videos! It was very fun to watch the final products, and I feel like there was a diversity between all of the videos that made each one stand out. I noticed that what all the videos shared in common where their suspenseful, exciting, and engaging music. Also, something I saw in the videos were that the many angles helped it flow. Sometimes I felt like the video made the audience feel stupid. For example, exaggeration of movements and no dialogue at all. Despite that, I enjoyed watching both Silent Movies!

    Evaluation of the process:
    My group created "The Top Hat Robber", and the process was fun. It was a really cool opportunity, for I have never made a video with specific guidelines, but somethings weren't the best. At some points, the actors would start laughing, or we would carried away. And because I was post production, throughout most of the filming I sat in the corner, watching the many takes and shots being filmed. It wasn't really fun, and most of my opinions and ideas weren't heard in the group. For editing the video, it was my first time and I do understand that there were mistakes. I should've cut some scenes earlier, and eliminated some of the dialogue, but overall I know I have a lot to learn. One thing I feel I did well was the soundtrack and the effects of the movie. The black and white images gave an old feel to the video, and the music kept the audience in suspense. I had a great time filming with my group, and I think this was a really cool experience.

    My first goal for the future is to always be open minded. For example, I should've taken most of the feedback as improvements, but instead I thought that my video was bad and that I shouldn't edit any other videos. Later, I realized that the criticism was crucial to the video and without it my next videos may lack editing skills. The second goal I have is to accept the roles of my group, and to let the camera film, the actors act, and the director take in the ideas. I shouldn't tell some of the actors what to do, and I should let the director know first.

    This was a good experience and I have learned a lot from it. I look forward to making more videos.

  7. As this being the first movie in digital video, I found it was very interesting, because in digital video, we worried more about other aspects, rather than just getting the movie done, because there was a need to make the story comprehensive, and also take care of the shots so they would be very good. This video I was the director, I found that the story was easy to understand, so as a director I had to make sure that the story was linear, so that there was no weird plot twist, and also I had to keep everyone in task, but at the same time to enjoy the experience of movie making. Also helping to get the right angle in the camera, to have the actor do the correct expressions, and help with the post production, to make sure it is smooth. What I could improve on would be in staying in charge the whole time, because there were some parts were I needed to act, and it was hard to keep the right angle in the camera, and the right acting, it was hard to manage while acting. Another thing that I should improve was to manage the time better, so that on the day the movie is supposed to be turned in, it will be turned in, there was this slight problem of punctuality, which can be worked on.

    For the movies The Hacker, and The Top Hat Robber, the story was easy to comprehend and it followed the story, it didn't go out of the topic. For the Hacker something that was really good was the phone shots, overall the shots, but what could improve would be to remove the bloopers at the end, because it removed the focus of the story, it did not work. Another thing to improve on would be the ending, because the ending of the story was to sudden, it kind of just ended. For the movie The Top Hat Robber, what was especially good were some scenes, for example the one of the doors closing and opening. What also was very good was the old style theme, and the humour, which was funny for everyone, and not just for them. What could improve would be some shots, because the shots took too long, and some could be shortened, or else it is kind of boring to see the shot pass by slowly, it is good to have more action, such as different shot angles.

  8. General comment:
    I think that the video called "The Hacker" had a really good storyline, I found it very creative. When your watching their video you can tell that they are having fun. I really liked some of the camera angles and how the use the angle to their advantage. For example, I thought that the shots where we could see the phone screen were good. I think that the other group that did the video "Bottle" also had a good story. I especially liked how the actor was very dramatic and had really big expressions. For example, when he was going to the fountain it looked like he was dying, which I found funny. Sometimes it was very confusing because the actors had different clothes.

    Evaluate process:
    My group and I created a video called "The Top Hat Robber", creating this video took a lot of hard work but it was also very fun filming. I think that we had good camera angles and actors. I think that we could have been better with knowing when something is too much and it gets dragged on. We had way too much running in the video and it sometimes looked like way too much. But overall I think that we did a good job for our first movie!

    My goal for the future is to use our time better. I remember that when we were shooting we were moving around a lot. We basically went around the school in a circle, instead of doing all the shots we had to in one place. My other goal for the next video is to use the rule of thirds more often. We didn't really use the rule.

  9. The first movie we made consisted of silencing the movie, meaning that no sound takes place in the film, except for music and sound effects.

    For the movies "The top hat robber" and "The Hacker," I noticed that their story lines were good. It isn't the usual ideas such as "walking in the park," making the setting of each of these videos unique. Something I thought they should improve is the shot speed. In the first video (Hacker), I noticed that the shots passed too fast, as each scene took less than 10 seconds, making me a little bit confounded of what the story was about. Now, for the second movie (Robber), I noticed that the shots passed to slow. Some scenes took a lot more time to finish than others, making it hard for you to comprehend the story.

    Now, for my reflection, I think I did a pretty decent job for film making. The reason being is because it was my first movie, and I was able to make creative shots with the camera, despite having some parts where the camera trembled. An example is when the person is going to drink water from the fountain. The reason this part was good is because I was able to close up the camera on the main character's reaction, without taking the camera away from the fountain as both the fountain and the main character were important for that scene.

    Now, about group work. I think our group worked really well because we were able to help each other. An example would be with me. While doing the camera angles, my teammates gave ideas on where to shoot the scenes and how long it should take, showing that my teammates were helping each other as they were helping me.

    Going into another idea, I think something our group and I need improvement (goal) is editing (Post Production). In the video, some parts of the music were over lapped, making it pretty bad since some parts of the music would look "funky." That is why I need improvement in editing as our group didn't really edit the music well.

    Overall, this is what I think of the project.


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