Mystery, horror or suspense?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

In this unit students worked practicing skills and techniques to create a short film that would fit in the genre... is it mystery, horror or suspense?


  1. I think I made a very good job as cameramen. I made very creative shots and the camera didn't shake very much. Even though I was over-all good I should put more rule of thirds. I really liked the movie "It's Coming". I though that the plot structure was very creative. by making the psychologist also disappear. The only problem in that movie was that the camera shaked sometimes.

  2. In this quarter in Digital Video, we worked on on a suspense/horror movie. Our group decided to make a suspense movie, and I think we were successful! I think that some things that we did well include having a clever introduction. Also, I think that the actors in our film did a good job in having suspense roles. On the other hand, I think that some things we could improve include having a more steady camera, and cropping the video better.
    As the cameraman, my goal was to film a movie that had a variety of shots. I think that I personally did a good job on this because i was happy with the final result.
    Goodnight was another movie made in our class that I really liked. To begin with, I really liked their story, of someone getting ready to move. Also, I really liked how the story was actually scary, and I was scared. All in all, I really liked working on this horror movie.

  3. For this quarter in Digital Video, the themes were mystery, horror, and suspense. In this movie, I think that it was better if we created a more clear, organized script with a story that actually made sense. In the beginning of production, we couldn't really come up with a clear plot, so we had to try many times to solve this problem. We tried to incorporate everyone's ideas and so that made it for everyone to agree with the story. Then their was filming, in this filming part we did have some doubts and arguments against each other because sometimes we did not agree on the different ideas. However, at the end it turned out to be very good.

    My goal for this movie was to be able to help everybody if they had any difficulty. To my extent, I was able to partially accomplish this goal because I did try to help everyone when they had some problems, yet it wasn't fully evident that I helped every single time. Another film I have watched was Goodnight. This movie was really good because of the place they have chosen to film. For example, they chose to film near a staircase and it made it seem more creepy as there also was shadow. I think this movie clearly considered many components of mystery and horror to make it seem very suspenseful.

  4. I think that I my goal was very broad, and because of this I think that it wasn't a good goal, but also a few people in our group changed places in the movie, but I didn't change my goal, so I couldn't complete it.

    Because, as I said before, I couldn't complete my goal.

    It was fairly good, other than 1 person in our group, and I think that that person made everyone else unfocused, and that he was 1 of the reasons that we weren't productive.

    The other movie that I'm commenting on is It's Coming, and I think that this is an interesting plot, but I think that the way they made the story was interesting, but there weren't a lot of different camera angles, and there was very visible shaking in some scenes, but I don't think that it deters the film at all.

  5. I think it was fun to make a scary movie, even though we leaned towards the suspense side. My goals as post production were to add a scream effect to make it sound scary and scary music. I was able to complete my goals because I used a scream in our movie and lots of scary music. The feedback we got was our camera was shaky and it was more suspense then scary, so I guess our classmates prefer scary. I watched the movie Good Night and it was really good. The shots they used made you want to scream. Their idea was amazing. Although I loved the movie, some shots, specifically in the dark, were hard to see. Other than that their movie was amazing.

  6. Making a scary movie was tons of fun! I think I achieved the goal "I want to be able to film shots from different angles" because I explored filming scenes in different angles, like in the door scene and the last scene. I think I somewhat accomplished my goal of "I want to use the rule of thirds" because I only used it in some scenes, and I didn't even use it on purpose. The feedback given to my group was that we did a good job, although we could improve on not being too repetitive in the light scene, so now I know to not to be too repetitive in each scene.
    The movie I liked the most beside mine was It's Coming because I liked the plot sequence and the idea they used for their movie. I also liked how they never revealed who the real killer was, although it was leading clued towards Téa. It was more suspense than horror, but it was still very good.

  7. My goal was to edit well and add good soundtracks as Post production and I think I met my goal because, mostly soundtrack kind of made our movie scarier even though, it wasn't that scary and also even though the scene was kind of long and boring I added soundtracks and edited it so that the movie can turn out good. To meet my goal I had to focus all the time and try every soundtracks if it fitted or not for the scene.

    I watched the movie "The Following" and I think the idea was good but, I think it turned out kind of funny instead of horror. Like the part when Bernardo screams at the bathroom he kind of smiles which made me laugh instead of to be scared. The parts they have to edit was the scene right before this one, I could see the person who was closing the door and if they put a string and pull it, I think it might turn out better . Also right after the scene when Bernardo screams there is a scene for 5 seconds just black and I think they should edit this part and make it shorter.If they change these parts its going to be a really good movie

  8. In this unit I have learned many things that relate to my unit goal. As sad as it may sound, I haven't acomplished my goal yet but I will acomplish it in the next movie. Overall, I noticed that I have to work on many things before I acomplish this goal. First of all is communicating with others. Sometimes I have trouble being able to share my ideas with others. Overall, I noticed that in my next movie, I will improve a lot.

  9. I really liked making a horror movie. I think that it was really tricky, but it was fun. I think that our movie turned out to be really scary and good. Overall it was really fun making the movie.

    My first goal was chasing a good soundtrack that would both make the movie scarier and that it matched the tone. I think i did a really good job of accomplishing this because the soundtrack that I chose matched the movie really well and make so that people didn't know what was going to happen next. My second goal was to insert good effects so that the movie was easy to watch. I think I did a really good job on this because at the beginning and in the ending I put this really good blood effect.


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