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Monday, November 18, 2013

It's time to start the last project of the semester!

You are to pitch for a new drink, created by you (it's an individual assignment). It can be as creative, realistic or unrealistic as you want, but the bottom rule is: everything must look professionally done!

You will be presenting your final project to an audience, so prepare accordingly.

Follow the steps below to meet the requirements, and don't forget to check the rubric (and detailed requirements) for this project before you call it done:

Step 1 - Research
How do drink labels look like?
Find 3 references of designs you like to help you create yours. They must be your reference. Your final design will have to show some elements from your references (font, color, background…)
Find 3 references of poster designs that will later be used when you create your advertisement.

Step 2 - Label
Create the label of your drink.
It must have as much information a real drink has. Research this information as well.
Make sure EVERYTHING is original (name, company, logo…)
The size of the file you'll create in photoshop depends on the bottle or can you plan to use. Plan accordingly and create a document with the dimensions you need in photoshop.

Step 3 - Magazine Ad
Create a poster for a magazine advertisement.
Use the references you researched before. Your final design must have elements of these references.
Create a 8.5in x 11in, 200 resolution in Photoshop.

Step 4 - Commercial
Create a 30 sec commercial that advertises your drink.
Any format is accepted (stop motion, animation, video, voice over images...), as long as it looks like a commercial.

This is the last assignment of the semester, so there is an expectation that you challenge yourself and show what you're capable of. Be Bold!


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