Wednesday, October 16, 2013

After three weeks of hard work, we finally had the chance to show our community what we've been learning in the digital video and acting for the camera class.

This project was a perfect example of collaboration. The final result wouldn't be the same if any of the classes was not involved. Through out the process, skills and techniques were reinforced, practiced, and leaning and failures were also part of the process.

Hopefully you were able to attend the concert and see the entire work how it turned out. If not, you were able to at least see how the videos turned out.

What do you think of the process and result of this collaborative project?


  1. I think that this collaborative project was very helpful for a few reasons. One of the reasons was that we could learn how to work with new people. All classes we work with the people that are in our class, but this time we gave a step forward and broke those boundaries. , Another reason is that the acting people helped us a lot with the script and ideas for the facebook page. Even though it wasn't their job they still helped us with post production.
    The last reason was that the acting class almost had perfect attendance in all classes and we didn't. I think that if they didn't attend to all classes the movie wouldn't be done in time. These were the three reasons why I think the collaborative work was efficient.

  2. I think that the videos turned out to be pretty decent, It actually surprised me. It turned out better than I expected it to be. What worked well in my video was the green screen, which me and Issey worked really hard on. It came out with some gliches, but it in the blackbox no one could even notice. What we need to work on for the next time is organization. Organization is the key to the succes because it helps understand better the concepts, if we go step by step. What I would recommend for next time is due dates, dead lines etc. Something that we could analyze the project step by step, so we could give our full effort and abilities. It was a very nice experience working with my group, although I felt some
    people in my group didn't work as well as others. This helps helps improve our team skills and our knowledge.
    Henrique Souza

  3. I have learned that during the process of making our videos they were a little rushed. I thin that in the future we should have more time in the post production. In my group we had trouble finishing the final product of our video. If we had more time to finish our videos I think they would have been polished and have a better quality. The overall finished product was good and I think everything was in order not just placed randomly. In other words the movie makes sense and it is easy to understand.


  4. While working on this project, many thoughts and opinions had crossed to my mind. When we first had to research about our character, which in my case is Beethoven, my group had some troubles concentrating on our duties and also finding some reliable sites that states facts about his life. However, after giving our full focus and concentration, we had found some resources that could help us in our project and start planning for the script of our "movie". To be totally honest, I don't think we had trouble filming our scenes that we had planned, because first of all, we had the script done, ready, and printed out. That being said, all we had to do is decide which scene we were going to film that day and do exactly what was written on the paper. Furthermore, in the part where we had to edit our film, I think that we did quite a great job because all of the people in our group were collaborating and sharing ideas to each other, making the movie much more fluent and better. All in all, I think that our piece had turned out to be very easy to comprehend and also very informative! I am very proud of my groups teamwork and also of our final piece.

  5. I think every group did a very good job on their video. The process was difficult because our group procrastinated a lot and we did everything last minute. I believe next time we should start everything earlier in the video so we do not have to rush. Our result was very good it had a few mistakes but I think overall our video was great. Also a big problem was the actors because some people fooled around and sometimes they did not listen to our instructions. By Andrew Gregg

  6. I thought that the process of this collaborative project needs to be more organized. I think that because we had many troubles that we had to overcome, like too many mistakes that we had to fix. So to follow that up we should of been more careful while planning, also we should of made sure and gone over it again and again. Even though, we should of been more organized, another one of my opinons was that the process was really fun because it was my first time working on a topic like this. I am saying that it was my first time to work with wigs and costumes, also about a murder. (Like the old times and musicians I never work about it) One thing that I didn't like about this project was that the actors would be fooling around and one of them would be talking a lot. That really messed us up and we couldn't control him. I just thought that it would of been better if we got actors that had interest and at least helped me and my partners. So I thought that was a big setback. But the result of our video, I thought, was pretty good because even though we had a few setbacks we managed to finish it. But the final wasn't that accomplished and I felt that I should of done something more, like adding music, to make the video more complete and better. So in all, I had a good time but I believed that our team members should of been more professional.

  7. While making this video, we had a lot of fun, and I think we all learned some lesson. For example, using the green screen was one of my favorite part of filming. We learned how to use them and how to set them up. The lesson that we learned was to manage our time wisely. Even though we had difficulties filming, we also had some difficulties with the actors. On one scene, we needed Pablo's brother, unfortunately he could only stay after school, which made things more complicated. Also in some scenes, we had to retake many times. Still I think we did a great job making this video. - Issey

  8. I think that in the overall the process was good, but there were some areas we could've improved. One example is using the time more wisely. The reason why I say that is because there were some times that I felt we had the whole group working on the Facebook page, when we actually only needed one or two.
    Speaking about the collaborative part, something I wanted to point out is that there were a lot of people that were sick or didn't come to class more than once, so the group needed to film or edit something, but an actor or someone from the editing part wasn't here. In my opinion this was the area where we should work more to improve for the next project. Something I learned from this project that will be really helpful for future projects is that musics really help express the feeling that is being shown. All in all, I feel like we did a good job getting everything done with a good quality and some example of professionalism.

  9. After these three weeks of class making a film with the people from acting for the camera, we were very successful. Everyone was able to accomplish a great film with many different techniques. I saw multiple time the close up, and also the long shot, making the film better I that I could ever imagen. I think that the piano music during the piano scene enhanced our video making it very realist. We had some difficulties with some actor. Some actor had a hard time concentrating. We were able to overcome, and make an excellent job. Finally, I learned that we need to organize better our time, and I am looking forward to learn with my mistakes.
    -Victor Z

  10.     I think that the final project was really good and fun. We improved our techniques of movie making and we were able to work with the actors and the orchestra. On thing I would change next time, would be organizing my time better and assuring that the actors were serious. I would organize my time better because while doing this project we had incomes which harmed the amount of time left for filming and editing, next time I will prepare myself better so that we have more time for working. I will also assure that the actor don't laugh and that they are serious during filming because we waist time filming lots of clips and the movie does not look professional. I enjoyed doing this movie and I hope we have more project like this during Digital Video 1. 

  11. Through out this project I experienced and noticed several good and bad things about the communication. One thing that caught my eye was our groups "working". Some times i thought people did very well with sharing their ideas and suggestions. Although at some moments, i felt that people would start getting very distracted, especially when we were filming a scene with a piano. We would tell them to work, but they just wouldn't listen. Even though sharing ideas was a big part of our project, I noticed that people would not start adding ideas to that certain suggestion. For example. I noticed that when some one would share a spacific idea about the filming, acting or scenary. People wouldn't listen, or they would just ignore them and keep the idea they are using now. Although i have several concerns about our communication, i still think we did well on this project and i am proud of what we made.


  12. I thought that the movie turned out very well. All of the small movies were very well done also. I think that the key to our success was how we collaborated. If we hadn't collaborated then we wouldn't have been able to get nearly as much stuff done. I think that all of us had to make a few sacrifices to make this movie work. For example, I thought that it would have been better if we would have filmed the scene of Beethoven conducting in one of the band rooms. But we ended up filming that scene by the stage outside, and it did end up turning out very well. I think that something that we could have done better was our voice over recording. When we presented our facebook page I think that we should have recorded first so that we could time it better. Even though it was only by a very small margin, you could definitely notice it. Also, the voice over of our video was really muffled. I think that we should have tried to record it again before we actually turned it in. But something that we did very good was get our filming done early. We got all of our content filmed before we had to start editing. I think that this was a very good video.



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